Accommodation for Students

Student Life

We understand that a safe and secure environment plays a major role in the life of a student, especially when you are staying a foreign environment. Fortunately, TAU offers secure, comfortable, and affordable accommodation for Students. Students are free to choose their own student hostel and transportation; however, we strongly urge students to choose TAU’s campus managed hostels. Foreign students can avail a complimentary 6 month stay in the hostel. For more details about accommodation for students , contact our Student Counsellors.

Accommodation Highlights

  1. Shared bedrooms (You can choose between two sharing and three sharing rooms)
  2. Communal kitchen (equipped with gas stove and fridge)
  3. Communal study room (equipped with a study table)
  4. Communal laundry facilities
  5. Housekeeping staff (for cleaning the bedrooms, and surroundings)
  6. Daytime Caretaker / Night-time security personnel
  7. Rooms are furnished with a bed, mattress, fan, inbuilt wardrobe, and chair
  8. 24/7 security guaranteed
  9. Safe, clean and well-maintained environment
  10. Noise free and conducive environment for studying
  11. Gender specific accommodation

Kitchen Facilities

TAU-Zambia hosts students from all over the world and we understand that food habits differ across cultures and people. We respect your differences and offer you the convenience of preparing your own meals. The campus does not contain an in-house cafeteria.

Accommodation Rules

  1. Smoking and intoxication are strictly prohibited in hostel premises
  2. Playing loud music, screaming, disturbing fellow mates, will lead to expulsion from the hostel without any refund
  3. Night pass can be availed strictly on the written prior permission of the Registrar of the university
  4. The hostel can be vacated by a hosteller only with the proper permission of the university

Accommodation for Parents and Relatives

Currently, the university does not provide any accommodation for parents or relatives, however, we are happy to recommend close proximity alternatives for parents such as hotels and lodges at their own expense.

Accommodation for Students
student hostel
Accommodation for Students
Accommodation for Students
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