Texila American University offers various Scholarship to study medicine and built their careers.

A range of medical scholarships to study medicine in the Faculty of Science, Medicine, and Health at Texila American University, Zambia

According to a recently published report, the World Health Organization estimates that the doctor- patient ratio in Zambia is 1:12,000. i.e., only one qualified doctor is available for every 12000 patients in the country. The acceptable ratio, as per WHO guidelines, is 1:5000. In such a scenario, such an extreme death of doctors can only be offset by encouraging more people to study medicine in Zambia. The National Health Strategic Plan provides directives for healthcare policy in Zambia, and this includes tackling the human resources problem in the healthcare field.

Zambia faces a severe human resource shortage in several other fields as well. The National Human Resources for Health Strategic Plan (2018-2024), plans to double the human workforce within this period.

Texila American University is dedicated to helping improve the human resource problem in Zambia, and with this goal in mind, we offer scholarships to meritorious students. We offer partial scholarships, full scholarships, and discount-based scholarships as well.

Recent Scholarships by TAU-Zambia

Texila American University-Kenneth Kaunda Scholarship
Texila American University, in association with the former president, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, awarded scholarships to 13 meritorious students. The 1.3 million Kwacha worth scholarship was provided towards the MBChB, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration, and Master of Public Health Programs.

Upcoming Scholarships by TAU-Zambia

Academic Excellence Scholarship
TAU-Z offers ongoing academic scholarships for meritorious students. The scholarship amount is conditional on the previous semester’s GPA. To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  • 90% and above-15% waiver
  • 85% to 89%- 10 % waiver
  • 80% to 84%- 5% waiver