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Student Life

Texila American university culture creates an outstanding graduate’s life always been fun surrounded by colleagues who want to improve the world and have fun doing it.

The academic culture of our university mainly consists of academic outlooks, academic spirits, academic ethics, sports, and facilities.

Campus culture in a university is characterized by individuality, academic feature, opening, leading, variety, and creativity.

The academic culture enhances the construction of campus culture. The construction strategies of academic culture and campus culture are as follows:

  • The university should progress towards its mission,
  • Enhance cultural confidence and consciousness,
  • Integrate culture into the process of talent cultivation,
  • Promote university cultural development and innovation of the students

At Texila American University, we believe that the students should thrive in all aspects and not just in the field of education. That is why sports are given as much importance as regular learning.

Knowing the sports can keep the mind and body fit, our students are encouraged to play and sweat a little frequently to become doctors with wit and health. Both indoor and outdoor games are encouraged with the campus hosting its recreation room for the students to relax after a long day.

Games like cricket, volleyball, and several other games are conducted frequently within the campus.

On the whole, the university culture of a student is always occupied and entertained while receiving a quality education. Coming from a global setting, all cultures are treated and respected equally.

Students are allowed to practice their traditions and cultures without boundaries on being abroad and feel very much at home.

Texila endorses a culture cultivates sound reasoning, logical thinking, practical exposure, and a healthy mind and body.

This is in line with our goal to shape the finest doctors who are mentally sound, physically fit and socially responsible global citizens.

We understand that a safe and secure environment plays a major role in the life of a student, especially when you are staying a foreign environment.

Fortunately, TAU offers secure, comfortable, and affordable accommodation.

Students are free to choose their own accommodation and transportation; however, we strongly urge students to choose TAU’s campus managed hostels.

Foreign students can avail a complimentary 6 month stay in the hostel. For more details, contact our Student Counsellors.

We offer sporting facilities for the following:

  1. Cricket
  2. Football
  3. Zumba
  4. Netball
  5. Volleyball
Accommodation for Students
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Accommodation for Students
Accommodation for Students