School of Medicine

The Best Medical School in Zambia to Pursue Medicine.
School of Medicine at Texila American University in Zambia provides its medical programs HPFP and MBChB  with high tech laboratories in Zambia.
Our School of Medicine department  offers the following courses:
  • Health Professional Foundation program
  • Bachelors of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery program

HPFP Program

The Health Professionals Foundation Program at TAU-Zambia is one of the best Foundation Medicine Courses in Africa to prepare students for the MBChB Program.

The HPFP program is the foundation required to study medicine in Zambia.

The HPFP Program at TAU-Zambia has been designed with the idea that healthcare professionals can change the world through their practice.

We encourage students to think and learn beyond conventional methods and aim to shape their future as healthcare professionals.

The Health professionals Foundation Program lays a strong foundation course for MBChB. Texila ranks one among the best medical school in Zambia.







MBChB Program

The Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery program is one of the best medical courses (MBChB) in Zambia.

The program trains students to become competent doctors with the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitude to succeed in a dynamic environment.

Our MBChB program offers a comprehensive approach to healthcare that is balanced between preventive, promotive, curative, and rehabilitative healthcare in primary healthcare or community settings.

In the Faculty of Health Sciences, we believe that creating extraordinary magic through creativity and innovation to open up a wide range of possible career choices.

As a center of excellence, the Faculty of Health Sciences is 100% committed to the development process of students and train them through teaching, research, and community service to the Health and medical welfare of the nation.

Community-based education plays an important role, and the faculty is actively involved in community health service at both national and international levels.